Sunday, February 7, 2016


Not to Late to Start

Tom Wight started  Course 1 - Learn To Play Bridge, which is a ten week introduction to bridge. It is not to late to start the course if you know the rudiments of the game. You will have missed two lessons: What is the game of bridge? How do you play? and Taking tricks.The next lesson is February 15th with a second chance class February 18th. The next class (3rd out of 10 classes) will be Play and Defense Concepts-No Trump Contracts.

Classes are Monday Evenings from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Henry Tift Bridge Center-1070 Southshore Place, Macon. Please email Tom at for more information and he will be glad to email you a flier with a schedule.

Future Lessons

After this course, he plans to teach two more (Better Bridge Series Competitive Bidding and then Popular Conventions).

 He also plans to teach basic defense and play of the hand(two courses) from the ACBL  course material

In the near future, Tom Wight plans to teach a series on Competitive Bidding for the Intermediate player.  A flyer will be provided.

Friday, February 5, 2016

February 2016

February 1st - STaC Game
February 3rd- STaC Game
February 5th - STaC Game
February 6th - ACBL- Wide International Fund Game #1
February 16- Grass Roots Fund Game(Novice)
February 22-Club Champion Game
February 23-Club Champion Game(Novice)
February 24-Club Champion Game
February 26-International Fund Game
February 27-Club Champion Game
February 29-Barbara Turner's New Faces Game

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New faces Game

Monday February 29th Game time 10 AM

    The purpose of the Barbara Turner New Faces game is to encourage new players to join us in playing bridge.  Players with 20 or less master points are considered a new face.                                                                                                                                            There will be a side game if there are enough players who do not have a new face as a partner; however, we would encourage everyone to try to play with a new face. Contact  Tom or Mary if your "new face' has a partner or has to be matched.
    Sarah Freant (478-742-5488) is working hard to organize a terrific lunch. Help is appreciated.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Common Game

Starting Monday, June 30, we will be participating in The Common Game. This means we will play the same hands as many players across the country. On The Common Game website, you will be able to see your scores matchpointed across all clubs that played the same boards as well as view hand analysis from various experts on many of the boards played. Obviously some changes in the way results are viewed must come with this. We will still post results on where they have been for awhile (although the hand records there will not show the double dummy analysis of what each side can make), but here are some new links you will want to save and frequent. is the main page for the Common Game. You can enter your ACBL number in the top right and see your personal results. You can also browse the archives to see old hand records/analysis. has the results from the games at MDBC, with hand records and double dummy analysis, and, if available, expert analysis.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Evening Game Times

Effective September 10, 2013, the evening games (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) will start at 7 pm instead of 7:15 pm.

 The July calendar is posted. Click the calendar heading above.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Regional Recap

The first Macon Middle Georgia regional was a success. Although attendance was only 1507 tables, everyone was pleased with the volunteer work and playing area except for the Monster Trucks next door in the Centreplex arena. The following is from the tournament chair, Len Perkins:

It's over! We surpassed 1500 tables and got numerous compliments from our guests.What went wrong was 99% beyond our control:e.g. loud ,smelly trucks and a hotel that thought bridge players (against my stern warnings) would pay $13 for lunch and Marriott prices for anything else.

What went right falls entirely on the usual volunteer spirit of this club.There were too many of you who spent time and effort to name in a short note so I will list the folks who were responsible for various tournament segments:

Emory Whitaker was both co-chair and instigator of the entire event.In addition he handled the prize room flawlessly and was with me numerous times as we groped our way through negotiations and other hurdles.

Jan Lee and Sheila Paul dealt with registration daily.The hours they and their group put in were,to say the least,commendable.

Andre Asbury handled both our bulletin and the caddies.I know he put in more hours effort on site than anyone.His efforts were special.

Tom Wight coordinated our efforts with Intown Macon and the C&V resulting in reduced trolley prices and still more compliments.

Sally Wilfong was responsible for hosptality and garnered numerous kudos for us on our evening spreads.

The directors as well as MABC heads spoke highly of our efforts.Therefore with the permission of the best bridge club in the USA.we will pursue a repeat in 2015.