Thursday, May 19, 2016

Special Games


Date: Friday, June 3 (evening) and Saturday, June 4 (afternoon)

50/50 red and black at 81.8% sectional rating
"Hand records and analyses provided Top ACBL winners recognized on website and the Bridge Bulletin. It’s the event played around the world! Join us for the Worldwide Bridge Contest sponsored by the World Bridge Federation. This international competition is scored across the world using the Internet to give an overall winner. The Friday and Saturday games are separate events. Each participant receives an electronic souvenir booklet. The WBF will award prizes based on world matchpointing. The two top district winners by percentage receive bonus awards (silver points). Additional recognition comes from the WBF.  Click here to learn more at the Worldwide Bridge Contest website.”    (Copied from ACBL website)

Because of the high cost charged for each table, the MDBC has to charge $10 a person for each session.  Throughout the years, several of our players have won the district level.  New Players:  Do not be intimidated, my partner ( Nancy Colter) and I won  district my second year playing duplicate bridge so you can win too!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


 During the month of May, our Club will again be running a mentoring program that encourages Life Master+ players (mentors) to play with Non-Life Masters players (mentees).  Mentors will play free if they complete all requirements needed for the club to be reimbursed by Unit 114.

The purpose of the Bridge Mentoring Program is to mentor aspiring new bridge players by guiding their growth in all aspects of the game. Both mentor and mentee must accept certain responsibilities and possess the proper attitude to make the program a success.

Benefits of Having a Mentor
• Increased social interaction
• Coaching and advice
• Reduced frustration levels
• Increased success
• Increased satisfaction
Benefits of Being a Mentor
• Keeps you sharp
• Allows you to set an example
• Shares your love for the game
• Encourages creativity
• Allows you to give back
Responsibilities of a Mentee
• Respect your mentor’s time.
Take action on the information provided
  by the mentor without being overly
  sensitive to constructive criticism.
• Show respect for your mentor’s efforts
  through behavior and follow-through.
• Pass on the gift of mentoring by taking
  on a mentee of your own.
Responsibilities of a Mentor
• Give your time unselfishly.
• Possess a level of skill and experience.
• Share your knowledge.
• Commit to play a minimum number of
  times each month with your mentee.

Mentor and mentee should allow sufficient time before the game to fill out a convention card. It is recommended that you start with simple agreements and proceed toward more complex systems as the partnership matures. You should spend a reasonable amount of time discussing the problems that came up during the game and analyze some of the hands as a learning tool.

If you are interested in being a mentor or mentee contact David Newcomer by email or cell # at (478) 361-8988.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


” I have been playing bridge for years, why would I need to take lessons?” is a question you should ask yourself and think of some answers such as:  Do I describe the shape and value of my hand accurately to my partner.  Maybe a few more lessons on doubles and cue bids would help. A lot of the new players know as much as I do, will they leave me behind? Do I win as many games as I used to win?
Tom Wight will begin a seminar, April 18th, for players that have already been playing bridge but want to improve. If you have any questions about your need for lessons, I found suggested conventions for Intermediate players, which is above beginners and novices, from two renowned bridge teachers.

Larry Cohen’s Suggested Conventions You Should Learn First

 New Minor Checkback

Feature Ask(2NT)

Beginner to intermediate

All Levels
Unusual NT

Jacoby Transfers

Beginner to intermediate
Fourth Suit Forcing

Takeout Doubles


Negative Double

Michael’s Cue Bid


                        Larry Cohen’s Next 11-20 Suggested Conventions

Intermediate to Advanced
5NT Pick a Slam
All Levels
All Levels
Intermediate to Advanced
Inverted Minors
Jacoby 2NT
Intermediate to Advanced
Slam Bidding - RKC
Support Doubles
Intermediate to Advanced

Jerry Helm’s suggested conventions for Intermediate Players in Levels


Limit Raises
Jacoby Transfers
Unusual NT
Negative Doubles
Michaels Que Bid
Weak 2 Bids
Weak Jump Overcalls

2/1 Game force with 1NT Forcing
Texas Transfers
Jacoby 2NT
Responsive Doubles
Jordan 2NT
Maximal Doubles
Limit Raise by Cue Bid
New Minor Forcing
Some Defense to !NT Opening
2 Way Drury
Roman Key card Blackwood
Fourth Suit Forcing

If you decide to improve, then look on the LESSON tab above for more information. 

Friday, April 8, 2016



Often wondered where the name “Dummy” came to be for declarer’s partner?  Job of the Dummy is limited:   Keep track of won or lost tricks.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Telling Pat Goodbye

If you did not get to attend bridge last night, March 23, 2016, you missed a good time.  It started at 6:00 with a delicious dinner of BBQ, chicken nuggets, various kinds of slaw, and potato salad.  Of course the dessert table was beautiful with Lynne’s daisy cake, Betty’s coconut cake, and other tasty sweets.

 We do not eat like that unless it is a special occasion and that it was.  Pat Clements and her husband, Don are moving to Young Harris this weekend.  Pat has been playing bridge at the Henry Tift Bridge Center for 20+ years and has made a lot of friends with her outgoing personality.  A Pat Mini Roast was the highlight of the night before game time.

We will miss you, Pat.

More photographs in Gallery page above.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Seminars on Competitive Bidding

Two different  seminars  on Competitive Bidding coming in April.

The seminar on Competitive Bidding and Useful Conventions (excluding preempts) is for players that
 have been playing bridge, not beginners.

 Learn to Play Bridge – Course Two (Competitive Bidding) is the continuation of Introduction to Bridge, Course One.

Tom Wight will be the instructor for both courses.

For more information click on Lessons Page above.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


NLM Tournament Results

A lot of silver was won this past weekend at the 0-NLM (750) Sectional.  A total of 125.86 MP was earned by 51 players. Total attendance was 60 tables. Thanks to Tom Wight and all his helpers for a successful tournament.

Lesson page , Tournament Page, and Player Recognition Page. Check them out.

Only paying members are recognized on Player Recognition Page. If you would like to join contact Ray Stalvey, Treasurer.