2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge Guideline for MDBC Player

The purpose pf this article is to make the understanding of the new laws easier for MDBC players. I highlighted the major changes to the 2017 laws to keep this article short. Examples are given for more complicated changes. Numerous changes in the Laws are simple rewording and renumbering of clauses are not included in the guidelines. Please refer to the Laws of Duplicate Bridge book for full details. There are a number of other changes which I haven’t discussed here because they are more relevant to Directors. The Director will have to exercise more judgment than before, and many of these rulings will become more difficult than they were under the old laws. That is the trade-off for rules that are intended to be fairer and less arbitrary. LAW 6 -THE SHUFFLE ANDDEAL (Law 6B) The Deal: This Law has been changed to require no two adjacent cards from the deck   be dealt into the same hand. The recommended procedure is that the cards be dealt in rotation, clockwise. Applies to MDBC during t…

UPDATED: Player Recognition Page

Several newer members have changed rank this time. 
The Unit Mini-McKenney has several MDBC members in the top ten of their division. Donna Rait, Kopie Oneal, Tom Wight, Bob Pearson, and Emory Whitaker are #1 in their divisions.
In the Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs our newer players are having fun.  Kopi Oneal and Emory Whitaker are #1 their divisions.  
Go to the Player Recognition  page to see all MDBC members highlighted names that are in the top ten of the Unit 114 Mini-McKenney and Unit 114 Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs.  You might be surprised and  see your name.

New Laws for 2017

The new ACBL Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 are scheduled to take effect on September 25, 2017.  The ACBL Bridge Bulletin has been printing “Ruling the Game “articles highlighting changes made that are important to players and directors.
 Since it is difficult to read the bulletin every month, this post will make it covenant for you to prepare yourself. Don’t worry, the directors have the most difficult job, and the laws have been changed for the better.
August 2017 Edition ·Law 13(incorrect Number of Cards)·Law 20 (Review and Explanation of Calls)·Law 23(Comparable calls)

September 2017 Edition Law 15(Wrong Board or Hand)·Law 25(Legal and Illegal Changes of call)
Click on the Editions below:
August 2017 “Ruling the Game” September 2017 “Ruling the Game”

Stop Card Hits Big Stop Sign

Copied from the NABC Toronto Summer Tournament Daily Bulletin.
After roughly two decades of use, the oft controversial Stop card found in most ACBL bidding boxes will soon be missing from ACBL tournaments.
 During meetings at this tournament, the ACBL Board of Directors voted 20-5 to eliminate the Stop card for any sanctioned tournament that starts after Jan. 1.
 ACBL-affiliated clubs are not required to remove the Stop card from bidding boxes but are encouraged to do so.
 Players, meanwhile, are reminded of the obligation to pause in the direct seat after a skip bid so as to avoid making unauthorized information available to their partners. Fast action – any call or bid – is also covered in this admonition. Players should strive to maintain an even tempo during the auction.  The board’s vote came in response to a recommendation from the Competition and Conventions Committee to end the use of the Stop card.
Longtime National TD Sol Weinstein said the reasoning of the C and C Committ…

Atlanta Labor Day Regional

Aug 29-Sep 04, 2017
An enormous amount of points were won at the Atlanta Regional. MDBC member Emory Whitaker won 122.24 gold MPs and was #9 overall. Congratulations Emory for a fantastic tournament. We are proud of you!

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