Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Idea to Speed up Play

In the spirit of always trying to change things up as I often do, this weekend when I direct, I will ask players to sort the hands anytime they finish a round with time will left before the next round. It's easy to see how this can save time, as players at least sometimes will sort during natural down times and save another table some time sorting the next round. If you finish late, don't sort, just move on quickly.

It's sometimes amazing how much time goes wasted between the last card played of one board and the first bid of the next board. This is really what slows players down, consistently 100 seconds between boards for the slowest tables. That really adds up over the course of a session. Having results showing only compounds the natural tendency to discuss the board a little bit.

FWIW I am not in favor of showing any results during the game, but would prefer showing other results but NO percentage. It's more useful as a learning tool to see other contracts, leads, and results. Percentage only is misleading and leads to speculation about what else happened. There's nothing shown on the Bridgemate that isn't available online after the game so whatever 30 second discussion you could have at the table is often to shallow to get a real understanding of how you could have done better or better yet WHY you should have known to get the bidding or play right.

Plus in duplicate bridge you are not intended to know your score until the game is over. Knowing your score promotes people taking more wild or risky action to make up ground near the end or makes people more discouraged so they may not try as hard near the end of the session.

Better yet, I'd prefer showing nothing until the round is over, at which point there could be an option to examine the traveler, but I don't think the Bridgemates have that capability.

If the club as a whole wants to see results, I would have no issue lengthening the rounds by a couple of minutes to allow more discussion and a more relaxed atmosphere, but only play 24 boards. Anyone in favor of this?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August Sectional

If you were unable to attend our sectional, you missed a great one!
Tom and his helpers did an outstanding job as usual.  Several visitors complimented the facilities, landscaping, and food(of course).

Total masterpoints: 676.62 earned by 152 players.
Total attendance:  162 tables.

   1  26.63 Marshall Kerlin, Rome GA
   2  26.63 Bob Jones, Marietta GA
   3  26.49 Michael Kovacich, Stone Mountain GA
   4  26.49 Emory Whitaker, Macon GA

Click here for complete results.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fast Results

If you have never signed up to receive ACBL Tournament Fast Results and/or The Common Game Results by email or text, then this is your chance.  Tournament results will be sent as soon as the director enters them in the computer.  The Common Game Results will be sent that quick also (Choose to receive TCG results daily, which will be on the day you play at the club.

Wouldn’t it be nice for you to get the results of the game not long after you finished this weekend at the tournament?  It will take you about 5 minutes to sign up and you will not have to do it again.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Think About It

 Edited 08/01/2016

Some MDBC members have been visiting other clubs around Georgia and neighboring states. They were surprised at how many clubs had quit using the percentage and previous results functions on the bridgemates.   After playing several games without the two functions, they realized  how useless the functions were to improving skills. 

At the last MDBC board meeting, it was decided to remove previous scores from the bridgemates. (The percentage score remains available.) While this may not be a popular decision among some of the membership it will speed up play and it has other benefits.

Previous Results


Friday, July 29, 2016


Henry Harpe Suggs

 (June 3, 1934-July 27, 2016)

As you enter the Henry Tift Bridge Center, notice the unique director’s table on the left.  It was made by a tough bridge player, Harpe Suggs, and his sons that own and operate Marble Masters of Middle Georgia, Inc. in Warner Robins.

 If you ever had the pleasure of playing against Ruth and Harpe, then you know what it means to get you plate cleaned.  Harpe supported MDBC, but his home club was Warner Robins Duplicate bridge club.  When WRBC had sectionals, he would help both clubs. He will be missed by all in the bridge world.

“Walk up to the director’s table, look closely at the intricate details as you rub your hand across the smooth beautiful stone and think of Harpe.”

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