Meet MDBC 2018 Board

According to MDBC Bylaws the Board Consist of four parts.

The affairs of the MDBC shall be conducted by the Board in accordance with these articles and duly established By-Laws of the MDBC.  The Board shall consist of the follow:
(1)           elected voting members:  the President, the Vice-President, the                  Secretary, the Treasurer (theseform the “Officers”), and four Trustees elected for     two year terms.  These eight elected members along with the club manager shall comprise the Executive Committee of the Board.
(2)           annually appointed voting members:  the Club Manager, the Tournament  Coordinator, and  otherCoordinators of the MDBC who are not currently Trustees or Officers
(3)           any Unit 114 representative who is also a current member of the MDBC
(4)           the immediate past president.
2018 MDBC Board
1. Executive Committee Excerpt from MDBC Bylaws Article V The Officers and Trustee are  elected by the members. None of …

SPOTY Award Explained

There continue to be some people confused about how the Unit Sports Person of the Year is selected.  Again here is the process according to Unit Policy. Any Unit 114 member may nominate another Unit 114 member for this high honor (the members could be from different clubs).
Candidates must meet 14 qualifications. Nominations must include a detailed explanationof what makes their nominee a strong candidate, including a description of their efforts to promote bridge and their volunteer activities. Nominations should not exceed one page in length.
Before the general meeting, all nominations are emailed to each Director to study but not discuss.  
At the Board of Directors meeting, the nominees are not discussed before elected by secret ballot.  
Clickhere to read/copy the process. It is a misconception that the Unit Bylaws state that each club nominates one person.
A few clubs in the unit elect a SPOTY using their guidelines.  That is acceptable and can be loads of fun, but club level SP…

New Idea to Speed up Play

In the spirit of always trying to change things up as I often do, this weekend when I direct, I will ask players to sort the hands anytime they finish a round with time will left before the next round. It's easy to see how this can save time, as players at least sometimes will sort during natural down times and save another table some time sorting the next round. If you finish late, don't sort, just move on quickly.

It's sometimes amazing how much time goes wasted between the last card played of one board and the first bid of the next board. This is really what slows players down, consistently 100 seconds between boards for the slowest tables. That really adds up over the course of a session. Having results showing only compounds the natural tendency to discuss the board a little bit.

FWIW I am not in favor of showing any results during the game, but would prefer showing other results but NO percentage. It's more useful as a learning tool to see other contracts, leads,…