Gil Bateman

Gilbert Julian Bateman  September 14, 1947 - October 19, 2017

History Page

Riley Brown (Scrapbook/Memorial Coordinator) and I are designing a new page, “Our History”. Main parts of the MDBC Scrapbook will be available on the internet. 
One section has been completed and can be viewed by you now.   Enjoy reading how MDBC members acquired the land we now own. Also, view the photo albums of the beautiful people that helped make it possible.
 Click on the “Our History” tab at the top of the page.
Need some humor, read the January 28, 1992 edition of The Macon Telegraph and  find the reasons some neighbors opposed the zoning.

Bits of News

MDBC new policies went into effect October 1, 2017.  What happened to the old ones? According to President Tom Wight, the old policies were scattered through the minutes of the organization over a period of years. Having them compiled in one format makes it a lot more convenient for members.  
Click below to read or print a copy. Macon Duplicate Bridge Club Policies and Procedures
   A copy will also be on the Government page for future reference.

Unit 114 The Friendly City Sectional is this weekend in Tifton. Our Unit has already lost the Conyers Tournament, and Sonny Greene is sponsoring this tournament on his own. If you can go for one day, that will help.  VIEW TOURNAMENT FLYER

Law 45 C.4.(b) Changing a Card Called From Dummy

The link below gives 10 examples for directors to use as a guide to make  fair calls for Law 45 C. 4(b). Players need to read it also, so they can understand the director's ruling when it happens to them.

Changing a Card Called From Dummy