MDBC 2017 MP Race Winners

MDBC’s First place Winners in the 2017 Unit 114 Master Point Races.

Mini-McKenney Master Point Race includes MPs won in tournaments and clubs.
Donna Rait :  0-5 MPs Section Kopie O’Neal:  200-300 MPs Section Bob Pearson: 3500-5000 MPs Section Emory Whitaker: Over 10,000 MPs Section
Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs Master Point Race includes MPs won in clubs only.
Kopie ONeal: 200-300 MPs Emory Whitaker: Over 10,000 MPs Section
Emory Whitaker is one of the Barry Crane top 500 players in the United States.

Positive Reaction

“Every Action has a Positive Reaction, even if it has a negative result.”                                                                                         Slacker Quote

Thank you, everyone, my decision to terminate the website has fulfilled its goal. It has caused positive reactions that I feel will have positive results. Tom and I did talk about a committee before Christmas, but everyone was busy.  I have had a lot happening in my home life, and have had to set priorities.  I compiled the data and reported it on the last post hoping it would convince others of its importance. Some members do not realize how many people have viewed our website in the past.  Working with a task force, sharing ideas, and cooperating with each other is a great start for a club to grow. Whatever website the committee decides to use, I will be glad to set it up originally.  The current site will stay on until another one is ready to take its place. I have saved work from the site to use if approp…

Report on MDBC’s website/ blog(

Andre Asbury started the blog in January 2011.  It was set up more like a website instead of a blog. After Andre became the Editor of The Bulletin for District 7, he was looking for someone to take over the site. When I volunteered, He added me as an administrator so I could learn the mechanics and construction of producing an effective site to promote our club. This report is for members to see that the site was used by members and guest effectively. Please read over the charts.
I want to thank everyone that supported this effort from the beginning. This website will be shut down by December 28, 2017, because MDBC Board has never and probably will not ever make it the official site for our club.

Pam Earle
Month Page views 2016 Page views 2017 Totals do not include redirection to Common Game page. January 503 1,168 February 1,617 892 March 1,564 917 April 1,086 1,065 May

More End of Year News

Update:  Our History page has been the links will open. Calendar page has new dates added. (New Year’s Day Game) Georgia game starts at 5:00 after bridge game, which ends between 2:00 – 2:30.

We had a few members that achieved high master point ranks in 2017. Congratulations!!!!!
Bob Pearson- New Diamond life Masters (LM and 5000 MPs) Nancy Colter and Sandy Barrow-New Gold Life Masters (Life Masters & 2500 MPs) Katharine Clarke and Eden Persons-New Ruby Life Masters (A Life Master with 1500 MP) Mary Patton- New Silver Life Masters (1000 MPs) Dianne Brewer-New Bronze Life Masters (750 MPs) Rexanne Bomberger-New Life Masters (300 MPs)

Congratulations to Ellen Cohen and Ginny Whitaker for winning the most extra silver points from MDBC during STaC week. Only the members that won 1+ masterpoints are listed in the chart. We had several that won less than 1 MP.  We were competing against all of District 7 and 10. To see the overall winners Click Here.
MDBC’s Top Extra Master Points W…